Friday, April 5, 2013

Freedom costs a buck'o five..

The latest and greatest in the Iron Man 3 series Joey (Average Joe Art) and I have been working on is the Iron Patriot. Now even though super geeks will be quick to point out that Rhodey/War Machine traditionally doesn't become the Iron Patriot (He was actually Norman Osborn) we'll have to pretend we didn't know that for the sake of the story in Iron Man 3. As usual any day spent coloring a comic book character is a good day for me! This illustration is actually based off a reference picture of an Iron Patriot collectible figure from Hot Toys (we also did this for the Iron Man picture). While I really like the Iron Man illustration, I thought Iron Patriot collectible had better "poses" to choose from. There were three pictures we were kicking around for a minute before we decided on this particular one. Either way, he looks bad ass and I had a tough time choosing my favorite pose (and I love that he has a giant machine gun attached to his back). This collectible was a great piece of source material and had an incredible amount of detail to it. In fact I might need to purchase one for myself.