Saturday, May 11, 2013

"I just stole a poncho from a wooden Indian"

This is the 2nd collaboration on an "Iron Man" illustration between myself and artist Joey Romero of Average Joe Art in celebration of Iron Man 3. We've also tackled the Iron Patriot in the past, and hopefully we'll do at least one more character from the latest film. This illustration is based off of a bust of the new Mark XLII armor from Hot Toys.

Typically Joey will hand off an illustration to me with a few notes, but this one was originally handed off pretty much looking like this...
Needless to say I had my work cut out for me. Also, once I'm done he'll usually go back and tweek a few things here and there. This time however, he said he only added a few highlights and of course the "3" to match the rest of our Iron Man 3 series artwork. *Pats self on the back* As for the movie wasn't quite what I was expecting, but I still really liked it. Plus you get to see a TON of suits fight! What's not to love?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank you for playing...

This is the first of (what I hope is) an entire series of old school video game characters. As a HUGE gaming nerd, I wanted to pay tribute to a handful of my favorite 16-bit games. So I started with everyone's favorite arm-cannon wielding hero...Mega Man. Originally I wanted to do something in a true 16-bit format, but I ended up going with a more modern look. This illustration is actually based on a Mega Man X action figure. Since I opted out of giving Mega Man a more retro look, I instead applied that to the background. The  actual "Mega Man" was drawn using a program called Sketchbook and the background was done using Photoshop/Illustrator.