Thursday, October 18, 2012

You've got a pretty mouth!

As part of the Walking Dead series Joey and I have been working on...of course we had to do a Zombie! This was illustrated by Joey and I laid down the original flat colors. A lot of those colors had to be changed (he wanted to try painting the entire thing by hand), but I still wanted to share this illustration and a little story behind it. When I originally opened this file scared the shit out of me. So much so that when I was coloring it, I literally kept it zoomed in as far as possible so I didn't have to constantly look at his entire face! At one point my sister came into my office to talk to me and after about two minutes asked me to "please turn the computer off" because the zombie was "going to give her nightmares"! It really IS an impressive zombie and it's a real credit to Joey that a drawing legitimately scared the shit out of two people. Maybe I'm just a baby, but it's still pretty awesome. Click here for his interpretation.

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