Friday, November 23, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Now before you get all excited about this drawing...let me explain. I started off just wanting to color something, but I was feeling too lazy to draw something up. So I decided I'd just find a b&w picture on the Internet and color that. So I found this Superman drawing and I start to go to town... Only I can't quite get my layers right. Every time I try to bring the line work to the top, it prevents the layers underneath it from being "colorable". At this point I say screw it and decide since it's a pretty basic drawing, I'll just re-draw it really quickly and then I'm good to go! WRONG! It took a LOT longer than I expected and by the time I finished I almost didn't feel like coloring anymore..but I got over it and finished it anyway. I definitely need to figure out where I went wrong before I attempt that again. So we'll just chalk this one up to gaining more "experience" :)

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